Glossary of Terms


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📌 These definitions are offered to establish clarity about how the terms are used for the purpose of this healing process. This is in no way meant to challenge, contradict or conflict with the accepted common usage and/or definitions of these terms.


  • Forerunner; Prototype: Fore parent; One who came before
  • A person, who once lived, from whom a lineage of people has descended.
  • The physical, genetic and energetic imprint of those who came before us in our bloodline that resonates strongly within the molecules of our bodies.


  • Reliance; Confidence; Credence
  • Trust, faith, or confidence placed in someone or something.
  • Acceptance, without investigation, that something is true or that something exists.
  • A thought fueled by emotional energy.
  • A repetitive thought that eventually becomes unconscious or habitual.


  • Hue; Tone; Shade
  • Light, vibration, wavelength and energy frequency that create a system of harmonics
  • Property possessed by an object that produces different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.


  • Perception; Awareness; Responsiveness
  • Cumulative activity of the mind and physical senses
  • Sum total of all ideas accumulated in and affecting present being.
  • Composite of ideas, thoughts, emotions, sensation, and knowledge that makes up
  • Sum total of d perception and perspective


  • Energetic connection between two more individuals or things that creates and maintains a flow between the biological energy fields
  • Mental, emotional or physical energetic connection to goes beyond space and time that can and do impact conscious and subconscious experiences


  • Deity; Divinity; Supreme Being or Presence
  • Creative principle of life
  • Creator and sustaining energy of life and living things
  • Omnipotent (all-powerful), Omniscient (all-knowing), Omnipresent (all-present) and Omnibenevolent (all-good) essence; that which is eternal and necessary for existence


  • Active presence of interpersonal, non-physical force or essence
  • Vigorous activity of available power
  • Energetic force and potential for causing changes


  • Custom; Pattern; Routine
  • Regular tendency or practice tied to emotions that is hard to change or relinquish
  • Settled tendency or usual manner of behavior
  • Subconsciously ingrained routine of behavior

Habitual Thinking

  • Thoughts that are fixed by or resulting from habit
  • Regular or repeated process or practice of thought
  • Well-rehearsed, accessible thought patterns associated with strong emotions


  • Guiding principle or statement that governs choice
  • State of expectation and desire
  • Statement meant to activate mental and emotional receptivity


  • Light is a fundamental symbol of Sprit and spiritual nature
  • Spiritual presence of all that is actively Divine
  • Divine illumination and intelligence
  • Light is the source of goodness

Light Code

  • Energy patterns encoded with healing energy and emotional imprints
  • Energy patterns, shapes or colors used to direct, intensify or deepen meditation
  • High frequency symbols based on the universal language of sacred geometry
  • Patterns of colors and light that create and emit energetic frequencies


  • Gesture of hands and fingers that stimulate specific areas in the body and the brain
  • Movement of hands and gestures of fingers practiced to channel flow of vital life force energy


  • Model or design used as a guide
  • Predictable means of repetition
  • Acceptable design of customary behavior or outcome


  • Stimulation of physical meridian points (energy hot spots on the body) to restore or balance the physical body’s energy
  • Self-applied technique used to restore or enhance physical, mental and emotional balance caused by a conscious negative experience or unconscious emotion.

Unconscious Mind

  • Without conscious volition or intent; Habitual mental engagement
  • Processes in the mind which occur automatically and are not available to introspection
  • Mental process that occurs without awareness, sensation, or cognition
  • Mental response not consciously realized, planned, or done; without conscious volition or intent: an unconscious social slight.


  • Province; World; Cosmos
  • All existing matter and space considered as a whole; total of all that exists
  • Body of all things and phenomena observed or postulated.