Spiritual Study Sanctuary Black Friday Bundle - 40% Off

During this Holiday and/or Winter Season, I understand that this is a time, in particular, for many of you to be navigating family drama, feelings of loneliness, relationship repair, reconciliation and much more.

Because of this, I’ve curated 3 of the powerful texts from Spiritual Study Sanctuary v1 that I believe will most help you through this season. This 3 book bundle gives you access to the replays for each of the weekly sessions (13 in all), with powerful insights and learning at a significant discount from what you would pay for each one individually. 

7 Main Aspects of God by Emmet Fox

A small but powerful book, this book teaches us a deeper understanding of the concept and the presence of God — by whatever name you call it. Through this understanding, we can learn how to align with those aspects and principles to grow in a deeper sense of our own Divinity.

Practicing The Presence by Joel Goldsmith

This is a classic spiritual treatise on developing and embracing a relationship with God. This book is a foundational text for anyone who’s serious about personal and spiritual development.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

This book is designed to teach us about the power of habitual thinking and mental imagery. As we think subconsciously, we create our experiences; it is the subconscious mind that fashions and creates our reality.

Filled with practical examples of how to overcome what you don’t know you are thinking, we will explore and expand the concepts of Mental Equivalents.

Please Note: The cost of the books is NOT included in membership or a la carte fees. It is your responsibility to track down and purchase the book required for each study session.
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