Welcome to the incredible Journey

of discovering yourself and the fullness of life.

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Learning with Iyanla is not your typical classroom experience.

It is Direct.

It is Irreverent.

It is Transformational.

Stop spinning your Wheels

Because when you do the work with Iyanla…it works.

This is where the rubber hits the road in Life School — where you get to dive deep into the work that will change your life.

These resources will open your mind and heart to the depths and power of yourself and the magnificence of life.

Each of these resources has been tried and tested to support whatever stage of the journey you’re on.

Work through at your own pace, circle back as needed, and may you get where you’re going with grace and ease.

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Iyanla Vanzant University

Growth Work

Abundance Process

Now is the time to get clear about your relationship with Money, Wealth, Abundance, Prosperity and Freedom.

The Abundance Process, based on The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price, walks you through 40 days of guided meditations to help adjust your outlook and release limiting beliefs.

Healing work

Releasing sexual abuse trauma

If you, or someone you know is stuck in the trauma of sexual abuse, please know it is possible to claim or re-claim your personal power and freedom.

This 5-Day intensive process with Iyanla is a powerful step toward owning your truth without pain and trauma.

Healing Work

Healing Ancestral Patterns

Is there a thought, feeling, or way of being that keeps you stuck in an unhealthy experiences? Is an energetic pattern holding you back?

Ancestral issues have a profound impact on our lives, even if we’re unaware that they exist. But you can release those patterns and move forward.

Growth Work

swit 1

Spiritual Warriors are people who strive to be the best that they can be, embracing a life of never-ending growth and discovery, and fearlessly seeking to understand the truth about themselves and the world around them.

Are you ready to go on a journey of discovery and embrace the path of a Warrior?

Growth Work

swit 2

This program is for Warriors who have completed at least 85% of SWIT 1, and received a Certificate of Completion.

SWIT 2 is a live 6-week training that picks up where the Level One program left off, helping students develop an even deeper practice of Spiritual Warriorhood.

Growth Work

Spiritual Study Sanctuary

Many of us crave a community for spiritual study that is not attached to or directed by a specific religious doctrine.

The Spiritual Study Sanctuary is that place — we will work through classical texts to help us better understand universal principles and develop our consciousness of the Divine.

Growth Work

Anti-Viral Message

The Anti-Viral messages began as an effort to remain connected and harness our divine right to live in peace and joy as we navigated a major shift in our lives and consciousness.

You can live without fear or powerlessness, in a state of being that supports radical health and well-being — and these messages will help you do that.

Healing Work

From the Ground Up

There are four fundamental pillars that make up the foundation of who you are: SPIRIT, MIND, EMOTION, and BODY.

In From The Ground Up, you’ll learn how to strengthen those foundational elements so you can become the best version of yourself, and transform how you show up in your life.

Building your Resource Library

Deep Work

When you're ready to deepen your spiritual connection and expand your understanding, clean up your mind, life, and relationships, and take your spiritual journey to the next level, these resources will help you get there.

Getting Started

Advanced Beginner

Deep Work

Getting Started

Getting Started

These resources are for you if you’re just becoming conscious of yourself as a spiritual being, or coming presently to the need for spiritual understanding and grounding. It could also mean that you don’t have a clue about what spirituality is or what it means to be spiritual.

Advanced Beginner

Advanced Beginner

You may consider yourself a “dabbler” or may be transitioning from calling yourself “religious” to identifying as spiritual. The intention of this level is to deepen your understanding of spiritual principles, and to support you in creating a consistent spiritual practice.

Deep Work

Deep Work

When you’re ready to deepen your spiritual connection and expand your understanding, clean up your mind, life, and relationships, and take your spiritual journey to the next level, these resources will help you get there.

Building your resource library is an important step to take in your journey towards spiritual development and personal growth. These tools and texts will help to lay the foundation for the work that is to come.

There’s a distinction between

Growth Work & Healing Work

Growth work is about learning how to manage and move through where you are and what you have in a different way.

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Healing Work is going back to uproot or to dig up the roots and causes of certain habitual unconscious systemic behaviors beliefs.

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It’s one thing to manage what you have, it’s another thing to dig up the root and the cause.

Together, we can do both.

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