40 Day Abundance Plan

(7 customer reviews)


This Hybrid Experience includes:

  • Attend the live events each day
  • Get access to the replays within 24 hours of each live session
  • Receive Prosperity Game materials

7 reviews for 40 Day Abundance Plan

  1. Velma Sims

    I took this course I Loved IT. It was so enlightening. It was on my dashboard but its gone now or I can’t find it I’d like to take it again especially for the practice. Can someone help me find it on my dashboard ?

  2. margaret.bynoe

    The 40 Day Abundance Plan, is a must for individuals searching to become centered and to shed self limiting beliefs. If your are ready for self love and self actualization, this course is for you.

  3. mannodomini

    Actually I had no “trauma” coming in but it has been a growth journey for me as I get to hear testimonials of real life situations! The process truly does work whether for spiritual extension of curiosity or seeking true meaning of Abundance, Divine and Riches! I’m blessed by this!

  4. Cynthia Muriel

    This Abundance Process is unlike anything I have experienced before!!! it’s truly an AMAZING experience!!!! Thank you Mama Iyanla and her team for all that you do for me! (making it personal❤💯) DEEP BOW🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  5. May

    A must do growth course

  6. May

    It is the very best, a must do.

  7. Sommore2k3

    My second time doing it. You discover so much about yourself through the process and your old limiting beliefs that keep you from attracting abundance. This process works.

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